Vacation Mode

How hard would this be to implement? While in vacation mode your ratings don't go up or down, band salary is not deducted, but you also don't get any money from sales. Songs and albums in the chart are taken off but can return there once out of vacation mode. You can't hire or fire anyone either. Bank interest also stops its count.
I like the idea. Full support
I support the idea, however it should only be possible to do this without charting songs or albums, or if they are charting then all the gains from them (rating, money, fame, etc.) should be taken out and nullified.
Gonna add on to this with some more ideas:

Put bands on break - like vacation mode but only for certain bands, not the entire user
When they're on break, the fame and rating are frozen and they don't show up on the charts, members don't get paid anything but the band also don't make money from any sales.
You can't do anything to them (practice, gig etc), the only option is to take them out of break.

Incidentally, why do idle bands still get their money deducted? If the members don't do anything, then they shouldn't get paid
Think wages should only be deducted if you actually give the band an instruction, otherwise nothing happens
This is why we have so many dead bands, as well as managers with negative money. People will lose interest if they keep their accounts sitting for a few days and come back to see it all bankrupt.

Another suggestion: A description field for each band for us to write a short description about them, maybe about the band itself, its members, their accomplishments, etc.

I also want to see an improved search function for band members, there should be an option to search for name, and filter by gender, age, skill levels etc.

Lastly I feel like we should add more to the first and last name database for band members, just for variety's sake. For song titles, it would be appreciated to remove custom titles that we came up with ourselves from the database of default song titles, I've seen a few that I made years ago being used by multiple other bands and it's rather jarring to see.
That is all, thoughts?
Totally agree on the band descriptions and vacation mode for bands.
Although now, I’m just hoping the game stays online. Don’t think we’re gonna get too many more updates after 10 years.