How do I improve my single raiting

In my band Yolander all the people are really high stats but i only seem to get ratings of 700ish whilst people at the top of the cart get around 2k, am i doing something wrong ? Or do i just keep releasing and it'll go up eventually

Hi, TheHoon.

People at the top of the charts in most cases write new songs for 3 days. That's why they have better rating. I would suggest to You to try instruct your band to write song for 3 days. Then we will see if it helps (I'm sure it will : ) ).

ooh, i just assumed if you wrote for 3 days you would have 3 songs i'm dumb
I have a query on this. Looking at some of the bands who are charting higher than my bands, some of them have less rating points, less fame, and yet are still able to write songs consecutively that rate higher than mine. For example my 2nd highest rating band my band:
And this band for example:
I don't understand what i'm doing differently to get almost half the rating on a song than this band. I thought maybe its the members but i have another band with higher rating, more members and still lower rated songs.
I'm writing for three days, and have the studio upgraded to almost the maximum level...

Well, You don't do anything differently, it's just solo bands are meant mostly for the rookie players to start the game. I have this question answered here. But the main point is that solo musician will always be in disadvantage compared to 5 members band, because solo band cost a lot less than 5 members.

I did updated the game not long ago to give some compensation, depending on what music style is selected. But this still didn't changed, that 5 member band is writing better song than solo band.

If You compare to the real life, there is always a group of producers behind solo musicians. Probably we could count on one hand solo musicians, who could managed to write a top notch album from a to z. Maybe, that's an idea for the game, like you can hire some additional persons, to help write and record songs. They could cost less and add less to the song than real band member. I will think about this. : )

I hope I answered your question. Let me know if not. : )

That somewhat answered it. For clarification, does the writing level of the song come from the level of the musicians in the band or from how high the bands rating is?

Band's rating (like manager's) is only used to determine chart position and it shows what was achieved here. Song rating isn't impacted by band's or manager's rating.

But the song level is determined by:

  • Band members' skills
  • Music style skill bonus
  • Studio upgrade
  • Shop items