This is the part of the game where you can manage the most important aspects of your bands, from creating a new band to disbanding it. You can find it on the left menu (if you are on desktop), or on top menu (if you are on mobile).

Band list

The first Band page shows all your bands (if you don't have one, it will suggest to create one) and some information about how long can you pay current wage level, which band is best. On the same page you can change currently selected band for managing. And take a quick overview of all your bands.

Create band

On the Create a new band page you can create band. There are some restriction on how many bands you can create in one turn (day), so keep in mind this. When creating a new band, carefully fill in band's name and select music style. Later you will have opportunity to change band's name and music style, but it will cost you some in game money and band's fame points. When the band is created, you can start managing it by hiring new band members.

Manage band

The Manage your band page lets you hire or fire band members. To hire new member, choose the one that is suitable for you and click Hire. To find suitable band members you can use skill filter. Most notable filter is Unfilled required. It will help you filter free musicians that has one of band's unfilled skill. And to fire band members, please click Fire in the Band Members list. Also, on this page you will find your backstage. Backstage is a place where you can keep musician as long as you want. It will help you move musicians between your bands. But keep in mind that you still pay the wage for the musicians in the backstage.

Instruct band

To tell your band what to do go to Intruct your band page. There you have 4 options: practice, promote, write and gig. Practice will help raise your band member's skills level. Writing a new song is a first step of the future hits. Promoting will help raise the fame of your band's records in the charts and the band's as well. Gigging will bring some profit, which depends on your band's fame compared to other bands. Gigging also increase band's fame. All of these instruction can be set to be up to 3 turns (days) long. While the longer band writes, the better new song comes out of it, other instructions doesn't have additional bonuses and will get you same results as it would be 3 times for 1 turn (day).

Change band

The Change your band page lets you change your band's name or music style. Just keep in mind that these actions doesn't come for free, and not only it will cost you some in game money, but it will reduce your band's fame. You will find more specific numbers on the page. One advice that should be followed, is to ensure that your band remains fully formed after music style is changed. Otherwise no instruction for this band will be performed.

Disband band

And the Disband your band page is where you would say goodbye to your band. But before that please take a few moments and think about this, because there will be no way back. After you choose to disband your band, your band will lose all of it's members. Also, your disbanded band will be removed from the bands chart.