First step

The first thing to do in this game is to create a new account. Go to Login / Register page where you will be able to create new account in super easy one step registration process. If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can use those identity providers to create a new account without entering a single letter.

Keep in mind that you can only have one account per email address. If wish to have more than one account, you will have to use different email addresses for every account.

Look around

When formal first step is passed, next thing to do is to look around. Nothing complicated is here, as this game is meant to be simple. At the top you will find main menu with the options to write mail to other players, check news, do some shopping, check out charts, and get in touch at the forum.

On the left side you will find most important options to interact with the game, and plus some information. Left side menu starts with the information of your account money balance and currently selected band. When you will have more than two bands, you will be able to change selected band for managing. After this goes game menu. Here you can create new band, hire and fire band members, record and release your band's recordings, and check some information that shows how are you doing here. Below game menu you can find information about game time and time left till next turn.

Create band

The next big step in this game is to create your first band. Go to Create a new band page, carefully fill in band name, select music style and click create. From now on you are a manager. So don't waste time and go to Manage your band page to hire new band members. There is helpful free members filter "Unfilled required". This will help you find those band members, that can fill required skill in the band. Another advice is to not hire very expensive band members, because band needs at least 3 game turns to bring some profit. Also keep in mind that your band needs to be fully formed to be able to write and record new singles. To achieve this fulfill "Minimum musicians" and "Required skills" requirements.

Instruct the band

When your band is fully formed, you can go to Instruct your band page and instruct your band to write a new single. For a starter, it is good to start by instructing your band to write new song for one turn. This way you will be able to record and release new single after few turns, and start collecting some profit.

Continue the game

After you have instructed your band to write new song, you can continue to look around in the game. Your next step could be to create another band, if you feel that you can manage to stay afloat and not go bankrupt. Or you can go to Bank page and start deposing some money in to bank, or take out loan to hire more expensive band members and start a bit riskier game plan. Or you could spend some money at the Shop. Also, you can continue to read other help pages, so that you will widen your understanding of this game.

Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to return to the game after the turn is calculated. Then you will be able to check how your bands are doing and instruct them for the new turn.