This is the game part where you can record and release a single or an album, also upgrade your studio. You can find it on the left menu (if you are on desktop), or on top menu (if you are on mobile).

Recordings list

The first Studio page shows all recordings for your currently selected band. You can observe the status of your select band's recordings, when they were released, and some additional information.

Record a single

On the Record a single page you can select a written song to be a recorded one. Here you will find list of written songs by your currently selected band. Recording a single will take band a 1 (one) turn, and it will cost you €2 500 in game money. Additionally, you can change name for the single, before clicking "Record" button.

Record album

The Record an album page let you create a new album for your currently selected band. Here you can enter the name for an album, or leave the generated one. Also, you will have to choose singles, which will be included in to album. Important aspect here is album songs. One album song will take 1 turn (day) to record, but those song will stay only in the album, you will not be able to release them as a single. There are requirements for the number of songs in the album (singles and album songs). The minimum here is 6, and the maximum is 12. If the sum of selected singles and entered album songs is greater than 12, then the game will lower number of album songs to satisfy maximum songs count in album requirement. In case when number of selected singles is greater than 12, the game will include only those first 12 singles in to album. Overall, it will take (amount of album songs + 1) turns to record an album, and it will cost you €5 000 in game money.


On the Release page you can release singles and albums. You can release as many singles and albums in one turn as you wish, as it doesn't instruct your band to do anything. During the release of songs or album you can change their name for the last time. Releasing single will cost you €1 000 and releasing an album will cost you €2 000 in game money.

Studio upgrade

The studio Upgrade page will let you improve your studio. Every upgrade will put your studio in upper level. Every level will let you create additional bands, will give you some rating points to help compete in Managers charts, and will improve songs and albums that your all bands are writing and recording. Every studio upgrade is done during the turn calculation.