Welcome to StudioTcn!

This is a free web browser tycoon game in which you will be the music studio manager. The main goal of this game is to become #1 manager by creating and managing the best music band. The game is turn based and every turn is calculated at midnight by UTC (GMT) time. This means that you do not need to return to the game every hour or so. One return in a day is enough for this game.

Here is the list of main game features:

  • Create, manage, instruct and disband your band
  • Record and release your band's singles or albums
  • Upgrade studio to be able to release better recordings
  • Analyze your financial, chart position and sales history
  • Watch and analyze records' charts
  • Buy (or sell) items at shop to improve performance of your band
  • Take out a loan or make a deposit in the bank
  • Go bankrupt and start over again

To get a glimpse of the game please take a look into screenshots below:

If you would like to start this game, please proceed to the Login / Register page.

For more information, you can make a visit to the About or Help pages.