StudioTcn - a free web browser tycoon game in which you will be the music studio manager.

The game concept revolves around creating, managing and instructing band. You start by creating a new band, where you can enter the band's name and select it's music style. Each music style has it's own restrictions; for example, which music skills are required and minimum / maximum amount of band members. The next step is to manage your newly created band by hiring or firing band members. Band members are for the fulfillment of required music skills dictated by the music style. When the band is fully formed you can instruct it. Here you can select from a variety of actions, including practicing, song writing, promoting and gigging. And just like in real life, you can disband the band if you feel that it has no future.

Another important part of the game is the studio, which allows additional actions for your band. Here you can record a single or an album. After recording you can release your band's records. There is possibility to upgrade your studio which will help record and release better records.

In manager section of the game you can take out loan or place a deposit in the bank, do analysis of your financial, chart position and sales history.

Every turn and statistic are updated at midnight UTC. The News page allows you to keep tabs on band members' wages, income, and revenue, among other things.

On the Charts page you can check the current standings of singles, albums, bands or managers.

The most important page for the game community is the Forum. Here you can chat about the game, life, or anything else.

Thank you for giving StudioTcn a shot. We hope you will like this games!