Band: In the heart

Music style
Soul - Jazz (4 members)
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Fully formed
1 105 526
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1 105 452
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1 135 333
133 958
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100 927
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116 390
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192 518
Sales total
232 689 423

Band members

Kirsten SchwartzFemale28y 9m€3 568 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Quinby KoenigMale27y 1m€3 553 p/tDrummer (100)
Quimby O'NeilMale45y 9m€3 360 p/tSaxophone (100)
Olaf BatemanMale43y 7m€3 146 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Ivan PereiraMale45y 3m€3 361 p/tWind (Other) (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Suspicious MindsArchived2013-06-30-14310In the heart vol. 2
Wooly BullyArchived2013-07-04-17310In the heart vol. 2
I Can't Smile Without YouArchived2013-07-25-10310In the heart vol. 2
Good VibrationsArchived2013-08-04-5110Vol. 1
Lonely TeardropsArchived2013-08-13-11110Vol. 1
Here,There, & EverywhereArchived2013-08-23-21610Vol. 1
DebaserArchived2013-09-07-231110In the heart vol. 3
Summer BabeArchived2013-09-21-331610In the heart vol. 3
Reelin’ In The YearsArchived2013-09-28-25410In the heart vol. 3
GiganticArchived2013-10-12-37310In the heart vol. 4
Magnificent RomeoArchived2013-10-19-35610In the heart vol. 4
Losing My ReligionArchived2013-10-26-28410In the heart vol. 4
True FaithArchived2013-11-09-27310In the heart vol. 5
Mannish BoyArchived2013-11-16-32410In the heart vol. 5
Kick Out The JamsArchived2013-11-23-32210In the heart vol. 5
A Night In TunisiaArchived2013-12-07-31410In the heart vol. 6
Silent SighArchived2013-12-14-37510In the heart vol. 6
Voodoo ChileArchived2013-12-21-50315In the heart vol. 6
WoodstockArchived2014-01-04-86316In the heart vol. 7
Inertia CreepsArchived2014-01-11-71515In the heart vol. 7


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Vol. 1Archived2013-08-3033-7110
In the heart vol. 2Archived2013-09-1433-7610
In the heart vol. 3Archived2013-10-0533-15210
In the heart vol. 4Archived2013-11-0233-15110
In the heart vol. 5Archived2013-11-3033-11210
In the heart vol. 6Archived2013-12-2833-23316
In the heart vol. 7Archived2014-01-2533-20116
In the heart vol. 8Archived2014-02-2242-17214
In the heart vol. 9Archived2014-03-1733-15216
In the heart vol. 10Archived2014-04-3015-13116
In the heart vol. 11Archived2014-05-3042-10110
In the heart vol. 12Archived2014-06-2142-10410
In the heart vol. 13Archived2014-07-2333-21318
In the heart vol. 14Archived2014-08-2924-7213
In the heart vol. 15Archived2014-09-2633-14116
In the heart vol. 16Archived2014-10-2042-15214
In the heart vol. 17Archived2014-11-1142-10115
In the heart vol. 18Archived2014-12-2415-9115
In the heart vol. 19Archived2015-01-2824-11115
In the heart vol. 20Archived2015-03-0224-10115