Multiplayer browser games

So yeah, it's pretty much a near-dead genre as of nowadays in the term of popularity. But boy it was great while it lasted. This thread is to reminiscent about the good ol' days and talk about other similar games like StudioTcn you might've played in the past.
  • Mafia Wars. I think everyone who have a FB account in the "old" days definitely played Mafia Wars at least once.
  • Die2Nite. I think I never survived past day 15, and never tried adventuring out either. But it felt cozy to just logs in once a day to chill out in the town to build and craft stuff.
  • Nationstates. Still logs in once in a while to reserve the names of my country, although it doesn't interest me much anymore. Never liked to RP but the daily decisions was something I used to look forward to.
  • Cybernations. I sucks in this one, never won a war. I was with an alliance named "Terran Alliance" or something until it disbanded, and after that I quit the game.
  • Politics and War. I played since late beta and was mostly part of the Seven Kingdoms. I was doing pretty well in the mid-tier but quit around 2016-17 after a particularly bad war (forgot which one).
Here are a few I remember playing. I wonder if anyone else played these too...
  • Hobo wars - start in a trashcan and learn how to fight. Upgrade your weapons and skills. What a crazy game.
  • Kung Fu Madness - Like rock paper scissors, punch or kick high/middle/low and preemptively block your opponent in 3 rounds.

  • RIP browser games