The News (2018-03-08)

A little bit of changes to the game.

"Instruct your band" page got some changes. Every instruction type got separate tab for itself. Should be easier to understand what instruction to select and less scrolling. This was necessary to accommodate changes to the gig instruction.

Gig instruction was rewritten and it got gig locations. Now when you try to instruct your band to gig, you will have to select gig location and ticket price for it. But be careful, some gig locations requires high fame to be able to fill this location. And setting ticket price will affect attendance, higher the price, less attendance there will be. But maybe with higher price and smaller attendance you will earn more money than setting smaller price and getting bigger attendance. That will be up to you to find out. Field "Suitable to band" should help you in this situation.

Take care.

Looking cool!