Band "Enter Shakira"

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Rock - Indie (4 members)
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923 238
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917 966
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986 051
25 821
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160 445 662

Band members

Brittany FitchFemale31y 0m€3 308 p/tDrummer (100)
Jeanne SuttonFemale36y 8m€3 112 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Lucia FinnFemale25y 3m€3 210 p/tKeyboards (100)
Maureen DowdFemale21y 11m€3 350 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Nessia FaganFemale22y 4m€3 222 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Shannon McCullochFemale36y 8m€3 085 p/tVocalist (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Instant KarmaWritten----
New York, New YorkCharting2021-07-2617-171
Sexy BoyCharting2021-07-214235146Enter Shakira vol. 133
Disappointed Without MonsterCharting2021-07-199169208Enter Shakira vol. 133
Don’t Start Me TalkingCharting2021-07-171771362010Enter Shakira vol. 133
The SnakesArchived2021-07-15-1851610Enter Shakira vol. 133
DistractionArchived2021-07-13-1591310Enter Shakira vol. 133
Running Up That HillArchived2021-07-11-1611810Enter Shakira vol. 133
Hickory WindArchived2021-07-07-1641510Enter Shakira vol. 132
Where’s Your Head At?Archived2021-07-05-2111610Enter Shakira vol. 132
Can't Be TamedArchived2021-07-03-2201410Enter Shakira vol. 132
Funny NowArchived2021-07-01-2061310Enter Shakira vol. 132
It's Christmas TimeArchived2021-06-29-1711410Enter Shakira vol. 132
Bad ExperienceArchived2021-06-26-1511610Enter Shakira vol. 132
Get Out Of My Life WomanArchived2021-06-21-1401210Enter Shakira vol. 131
BlockbusterArchived2021-06-17-1501710Enter Shakira vol. 131
Walk On The Wild SideArchived2021-06-15-2021910Enter Shakira vol. 131
PolitikArchived2021-06-13-2091610Enter Shakira vol. 131
The Harder They ComeArchived2021-06-11-2171410Enter Shakira vol. 131
What A WasterArchived2021-06-09-2171410Enter Shakira vol. 131


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Enter Shakira vol. 133Charting2021-07-2206141355
Enter Shakira vol. 132Archived2021-07-0806-59710
Enter Shakira vol. 131Archived2021-06-2206-37611
Enter Shakira vol. 130Archived2021-06-0706-26510
Enter Shakira vol. 129Archived2021-05-2406-35712
Enter Shakira vol. 128Archived2021-05-0806-40611
Enter Shakira vol. 127Archived2021-04-2106-40711
Enter Shakira vol. 126Archived2021-04-0506-40310
Enter Shakira vol. 125Archived2021-03-1706-29712
Enter Shakira vol. 124Archived2021-03-0106-29811
Enter Shakira vol. 123Archived2021-02-1306-28512
Enter Shakira vol. 122Archived2021-01-3006-29510
Enter Shakira vol. 121Archived2021-01-1506-23211
Enter Shakira vol. 120Archived2020-12-3006-33312
Enter Shakira vol. 119Archived2020-12-1306-29310
Enter Shakira vol. 118Archived2020-11-2806-29312
Enter Shakira vol. 117Archived2020-11-1306-28210
Enter Shakira vol. 116Archived2020-10-2906-25310
Enter Shakira vol. 115Archived2020-10-1406-26411
Enter Shakira vol. 114Archived2020-09-3006-251013