Band "Enter Shakira"

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Rock - Indie (4 members)
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901 225
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24 975
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Band members

Brittany FitchFemale31y 0m€3 308 p/tDrummer (100)
Jeanne SuttonFemale36y 8m€3 112 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Lucia FinnFemale25y 3m€3 210 p/tKeyboards (100)
Maureen DowdFemale21y 11m€3 350 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Nessia FaganFemale22y 4m€3 222 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Shannon McCullochFemale36y 8m€3 085 p/tVocalist (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Baggy TrousersReleased2021-04-20----Enter Shakira vol. 127
You Held The World In Your ArmsCharting2021-04-172218133Enter Shakira vol. 127
Energy FlushCharting2021-04-153929115Enter Shakira vol. 127
Jumpin’ Jack FlashCharting2021-04-136047147Enter Shakira vol. 127
I Herd It Through The GrapevineCharting2021-04-1110581159Enter Shakira vol. 127
HurtArchived2021-04-09-1431710Enter Shakira vol. 127
She’s Not ThereArchived2021-04-04-1771610Enter Shakira vol. 126
I’ve Got You Under My SkinArchived2021-04-01-1771310Enter Shakira vol. 126
Mr Tambourine ManArchived2021-03-30-1631110Enter Shakira vol. 126
Night NurseArchived2021-03-27-1471210Enter Shakira vol. 126
Straight LifeArchived2021-03-24-1821610Enter Shakira vol. 126
Die, All RightArchived2021-03-21-2061310Enter Shakira vol. 126
Killer QueenArchived2021-03-16-1401510Enter Shakira vol. 125
One Armed ScissorArchived2021-03-14-1481410Enter Shakira vol. 125
Shack UpArchived2021-03-11-1471510Enter Shakira vol. 125
Pass It OnArchived2021-03-09-1851410Enter Shakira vol. 125
ExhaleArchived2021-03-07-1841210Enter Shakira vol. 125
FreestylerArchived2021-03-04-1761310Enter Shakira vol. 125
DebaserArchived2021-02-28-1891210Enter Shakira vol. 124
Ring The AlarmArchived2021-02-25-1801510Enter Shakira vol. 124


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Enter Shakira vol. 127Recording06----
Enter Shakira vol. 126Archived2021-04-0506-40310
Enter Shakira vol. 125Archived2021-03-1706-29712
Enter Shakira vol. 124Archived2021-03-0106-29811
Enter Shakira vol. 123Archived2021-02-1306-28512
Enter Shakira vol. 122Archived2021-01-3006-29510
Enter Shakira vol. 121Archived2021-01-1506-23211
Enter Shakira vol. 120Archived2020-12-3006-33312
Enter Shakira vol. 119Archived2020-12-1306-29310
Enter Shakira vol. 118Archived2020-11-2806-29312
Enter Shakira vol. 117Archived2020-11-1306-28210
Enter Shakira vol. 116Archived2020-10-2906-25310
Enter Shakira vol. 115Archived2020-10-1406-26411
Enter Shakira vol. 114Archived2020-09-3006-251013
Enter Shakira vol. 113Archived2020-09-1606-31312
Enter Shakira vol. 112Archived2020-09-0206-23510
Enter Shakira vol. 111Archived2020-08-1906-21511
Enter Shakira vol. 110Archived2020-08-0606-26412
Enter Shakira vol. 109Archived2020-07-2206-38513
Enter Shakira vol. 108Archived2020-07-0806-26511