Band: yeee, baby yeee

Music style
Dance - Disco (4 members)
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Fully formed
966 243
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966 155
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1 040 654
107 985
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Sales today
86 167
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98 419
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177 372
Sales total
159 040 586

Band members

Bert FryMale48y 4m€2 327 p/tModern Dance (100)
Braden HawkinsMale32y 11m€2 536 p/tKeyboards (100)
Lois RobertsFemale52y 11m€2 299 p/tVocalist (100)
Rita HalseyFemale40y 5m€2 431 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Ruby KeeneFemale40y 3m€2 449 p/tVocalist (100)
Tabitha ChaseFemale45y 3m€2 388 p/tDrummer (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Tacos Aren't Bad EitherCharting2023-09-17108103111
Buffalo StanceArchived2023-09-10-163316
That’s AmoreArchived2023-08-31-145115
Once Around The BlockArchived2023-08-16-151215yeee, baby yeee vol. 107
Venus As A BoyArchived2023-08-10-162215yeee, baby yeee vol. 107
Give Me Your Love (Love Song)Archived2023-08-03-145115yeee, baby yeee vol. 107
Nothing Compares 2 UArchived2023-07-19-128115yeee, baby yeee vol. 106
NoArchived2023-07-12-115115yeee, baby yeee vol. 106
“Heroes”Archived2023-07-03-113415yeee, baby yeee vol. 106
Cuppy CakesArchived2023-06-22-133315yeee, baby yeee vol. 105
Danger ZoneArchived2023-06-14-125115yeee, baby yeee vol. 105
LooksArchived2023-06-08-107314yeee, baby yeee vol. 105
With A Little Help From My FriendsArchived2023-06-02-136215yeee, baby yeee vol. 105
The Future Is BleakArchived2023-05-23-114415yeee, baby yeee vol. 105
Dat FunkArchived2023-05-10-116214yeee, baby yeee vol. 104
Best FriendArchived2023-05-03-138215yeee, baby yeee vol. 104
Dancing In The SkyArchived2023-04-21-119215yeee, baby yeee vol. 103
What's Your NameArchived2023-04-11-110215yeee, baby yeee vol. 103
HeroArchived2023-04-04-112314yeee, baby yeee vol. 103


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
yeee, baby yeee vol. 107Archived2023-08-2433-30310
yeee, baby yeee vol. 106Archived2023-07-2533-29115
yeee, baby yeee vol. 105Archived2023-06-2615-32315
yeee, baby yeee vol. 104Archived2023-05-1742-20216
yeee, baby yeee vol. 103Archived2023-04-2615-34215
yeee, baby yeee vol. 102Archived2023-03-1415-24315
yeee, baby yeee vol. 101Archived2023-02-0215-28316
yeee, baby yeee vol. 100Archived2022-12-2233-17410
yeee, baby yeee vol. 99Archived2022-11-2115-24215
yeee, baby yeee vol. 98Archived2022-10-1115-41216
yeee, baby yeee vol. 97Archived2022-08-2942-31513
yeee, baby yeee vol. 96Archived2022-08-0542-36413
yeee, baby yeee vol. 95Archived2022-07-1042-37315
yeee, baby yeee vol. 94Archived2022-06-2024-40116
yeee, baby yeee vol. 93Archived2022-05-1715-25216
yeee, baby yeee vol. 92Archived2022-04-0524-37216
yeee, baby yeee vol. 91Archived2022-03-0215-37415
yeee, baby yeee vol. 90Archived2022-01-2133-24516
yeee, baby yeee vol. 89Archived2021-12-2624-39515
yeee, baby yeee vol. 88Archived2021-11-2315-45217