Band: Dropkick Molly

Music style
Folk - Folk Rock (5 members)
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Fully formed
860 868
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860 672
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965 709
21 771
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122 308
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101 243
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154 119
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134 986 290

Band members

Edwina SteeleFemale31y 7m€3 206 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Fern SpenceFemale46y 9m€3 035 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Honey PurcellFemale47y 2m€3 075 p/tVocalist (100)
Jack EnglishMale44y 0m€3 072 p/tDrummer (100)
Oswald CassidyMale46y 9m€3 080 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Wendy DalyFemale35y 7m€3 178 p/tWind (Other) (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Why Does My Heart Feel So BadCharting2022-09-2425-251
The EndCharting2022-09-223930223
Used For GlueCharting2022-09-189262297Dropkick Molly vol. 105
Life Goes OnCharting2022-09-16134109279Dropkick Molly vol. 105
Into My ArmsArchived2022-09-14-1892310Dropkick Molly vol. 105
The EndArchived2022-09-12-1692210Dropkick Molly vol. 105
Rich MillionaireArchived2022-09-10-1681810Dropkick Molly vol. 105
Sunday Bloody SundayArchived2022-09-08-1722210Dropkick Molly vol. 105
Groove Is In The HeartArchived2022-09-04-1322210Dropkick Molly vol. 104
Louie LouieArchived2022-09-02-1272210Dropkick Molly vol. 104
LadArchived2022-08-31-1221610Dropkick Molly vol. 104
Ruff Riders AnthemArchived2022-08-28-1391810Dropkick Molly vol. 104
Sleeping With The Lights OnArchived2022-08-26-1532010Dropkick Molly vol. 104
Soda HangoverArchived2022-08-24-1482410Dropkick Molly vol. 104
ComplicatedArchived2022-08-20-1462210Dropkick Molly vol. 103
Work ItArchived2022-08-18-1482010Dropkick Molly vol. 103
MineArchived2022-08-16-1401910Dropkick Molly vol. 103
Area 51Archived2022-08-14-1372010Dropkick Molly vol. 103
One Moment, HopeArchived2022-08-11-1341810Dropkick Molly vol. 103


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Dropkick Molly vol. 105Charting2022-09-19066536
Dropkick Molly vol. 104Archived2022-09-0506-17411
Dropkick Molly vol. 103Archived2022-08-2106-29410
Dropkick Molly vol. 102Archived2022-08-0306-23210
Dropkick Molly vol. 101Archived2022-07-1406-32311
Dropkick Molly vol. 100Archived2022-06-2206-38410
Dropkick Molly vol. 99Archived2022-06-0606-51510
Dropkick Molly vol. 98Archived2022-05-2106-32410
Dropkick Molly vol. 97Archived2022-05-0306-33412
Dropkick Molly vol. 96Archived2022-04-1606-24511
Dropkick Molly vol. 95Archived2022-03-2606-411010
Dropkick Molly vol. 94Archived2022-03-1206-34610
Dropkick Molly vol. 93Archived2022-02-2206-30510
Dropkick Molly vol. 92Archived2022-02-0706-33210
Dropkick Molly vol. 91Archived2022-01-2106-32910
Dropkick Molly vol. 90Archived2022-01-0606-54610
Dropkick Molly vol. 89Archived2021-12-2106-34410
Dropkick Molly vol. 88Archived2021-12-0406-37110
Dropkick Molly vol. 87Archived2021-11-2006-50815
Dropkick Molly vol. 86Archived2021-11-0506-37310