Band "Disc0 DNcer$"

Music style
Dance - Disco (4 members)
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Fully formed
83 836
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83 831
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132 407
3 493
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49 170
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58 445
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77 063
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5 299 522

Band members

Alda RasmussenFemale33y 2m€2 005 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Dwight MacKayMale27y 6m€2 097 p/tModern Dance (100)
Harmony MorrisonFemale26y 6m€3 181 p/tVocalist (100)
Joanna BarkerFemale20y 8m€2 047 p/tDrummer (100)
Lizzie WatsonFemale28y 3m€2 396 p/tKeyboards (100)
Troy RobinsonMale23y 7m€2 138 p/tPiano (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
True FaithCharting2021-09-20143127628Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 21
Come Away With MeCharting2021-09-21117112627Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 21
BabyCharting2021-09-229891556Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 21
The Whole Of The MoonCharting2021-09-238077565Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 21
He’s My LightCharting2021-09-246557514
Can You Feel ItArchived2021-08-28-1964510Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 20
BadArchived2021-08-08-2112710Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 20
Crisis!Archived2021-04-19-1925110Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 20
Walk This WayArchived2021-03-28-1835310DNC vol. 19
Black SteelArchived2021-03-28-1825410DNC vol. 19
Let’s Get LostArchived2021-02-19-1663610DNC vol. 18
3am EternalArchived2021-02-19-1653910DNC vol. 18
The Number Of The BeastArchived2021-02-19-1673410DNC vol. 18
CarsArchived2021-01-31-1603610DNC vol. 17
Your Lost SmileArchived2021-01-31-1593710DNC vol. 17
Raise Your HeadArchived2020-12-24-1443210DNC vol. 16
Master Of PuppetsArchived2020-12-24-1433110DNC vol. 16
Black And WhiteArchived2020-12-01-1373610DNC vol. 15
Mirror In The BathroomArchived2020-10-30-1643510DNC vol. 14
Once In A LifetimeArchived2020-09-27-1513910DNC vol. 13


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 21Recording54----
Disc0 DNcer$ vol. 20Archived2021-09-0533-351310
DNC vol. 19Archived2021-04-11102-501310
DNC vol. 18Archived2021-03-0693-30610
DNC vol. 17Archived2021-02-0752-481110
DNC vol. 16Archived2021-01-04102-271510
DNC vol. 15Archived2020-12-13111-33610
DNC vol. 14Archived2020-11-24111-491310
DNC vol. 13Archived2020-10-09111-26610
DNC vol. 12Archived2020-09-1751-441910
DNC vol. 11Archived2020-08-31111-41910
DNC vol. 10Archived2020-07-21111-281010
DNC vol. 9Archived2020-06-23111-381410
DNC vol. 8Archived2020-05-28111-311610
DNC vol. 7Archived2020-05-06111-271210
DNC vol. 6Archived2020-04-11111-31610
DNC vol. 5Archived2020-03-23111-37810
DNC vol. 4Archived2020-03-0181-401110
DNC vol. 3Archived2020-02-0892-26410
DNC vol. 2Archived2020-01-0993-44810