Band "Tra$h Monkey$"

Music style
Rock - Punk (3 members)
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Fully formed
222 326
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222 321
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237 723
5 924
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49 812
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59 683
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92 003
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8 108 842

Band members

Aimee UrquhartFemale47y 7m€1 743 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Brett BurnsMale29y 4m€2 543 p/tRapping (100)
Fenton EmeryMale43y 10m€1 717 p/tDrummer (100)
Halsey McClanahanMale50y 6m€1 826 p/tVocalist (100)
Roger PeckMale51y 0m€1 701 p/tBass Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
CuyahogaCharting2021-09-20140119608Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 17
Club TropicanaCharting2021-09-21118109587Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 17
IgnitionCharting2021-09-229288536Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 17
Hey YoCharting2021-09-237971515Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 17
Witness (1 Hope)Charting2021-09-246455484
Man in the MirrorArchived2021-08-28-1974610Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 16
Monday's BlueArchived2021-08-08-2173010Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 16
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)Archived2021-08-03-1682310Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 16
Daande LenolArchived2021-07-27-1623110Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 16
Medium Interest LevelArchived2021-07-23-1753410Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 16
Different PeopleArchived2021-07-07-1903310Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 15
Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho GayaArchived2021-07-01-2332510Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 15
Losing YouArchived2021-06-19-1492110Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 14
You Have Forgotten MeArchived2021-06-09-2183410Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 14
Echo BeachArchived2021-04-29-1633010Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 13
You Got The StyleArchived2021-04-23-1522210Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 13
Bright Lights, Big CityArchived2021-04-19-1772710Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 13
ScrubbingArchived2021-03-28-1663110Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 13
PrototypeArchived2021-03-28-1643210Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 12
Gotta Be SomebodyArchived2021-02-19-1511710Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 11


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 17Recording54----
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 16Archived2021-09-0515-28811
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 15Archived2021-07-1242-511810
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 14Archived2021-06-2742-341210
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 13Archived2021-05-1484-36212
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 12Archived2021-04-11111-48910
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 11Archived2021-03-0693-21210
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 10Archived2021-02-0752-46510
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 9Archived2021-01-04102-261010
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 8Archived2020-12-13111-31410
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 7Archived2020-11-24111-46810
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 6Archived2020-10-09111-25310
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 5Archived2020-09-1751-35910
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 4Archived2020-09-0251-37810
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 3Archived2020-08-16111-25614
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 2Archived2020-07-1351-30910
Tra$h Monkey$ vol. 1Archived2020-06-20111-38612