Band: Rise Fighters

Music style
Rock - Rock (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
1 150 965
Last rating
1 152 525
Highest rating
1 205 565
40 346
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Sales today
111 110
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133 681
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195 376
Sales total
294 940 007

Band members

Andrea ComptonFemale20y 1m€3 471 p/tVocalist (100)
Fairfax ParsonsMale24y 9m€3 333 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Gilda LynchFemale22y 7m€3 437 p/tDrummer (100)
Gloria GreenwoodFemale33y 2m€3 294 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Victoria MedinaFemale36y 4m€3 252 p/tRhythm Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
The UniversalArchived2022-08-22-1461310Rise Fighters vol. 180
Secret SprayArchived2022-08-20-1371310Rise Fighters vol. 180
Funny NowArchived2022-08-18-1401610Rise Fighters vol. 180
The BeginningArchived2022-08-14-1221310Rise Fighters vol. 179
Fell In Love With A GirlArchived2022-08-11-1221010Rise Fighters vol. 179
Oh YeahArchived2022-08-08-1081410Rise Fighters vol. 179
RoundArchived2022-08-06-1311210Rise Fighters vol. 179
ArrowArchived2022-08-02-1381210Rise Fighters vol. 179
Deeper UndergroundArchived2022-07-31-1431510Rise Fighters vol. 179
Summer BreezeArchived2022-07-26-124910Rise Fighters vol. 178
Two Days a WritingArchived2022-07-22-1491010Rise Fighters vol. 178
Before the FallArchived2022-07-20-1561010Rise Fighters vol. 178
HoudiniArchived2022-07-16-1601210Rise Fighters vol. 178
Cold and AfraidArchived2022-07-13-1501110Rise Fighters vol. 178
I Hear A SymphonyArchived2022-07-10-1611110Rise Fighters vol. 178
Insane In The BrainArchived2022-07-02-136810Rise Fighters vol. 177
Killer QueenArchived2022-06-28-138910Rise Fighters vol. 177
MissingArchived2022-06-26-1501210Rise Fighters vol. 177
SilenceArchived2022-06-23-1681110Rise Fighters vol. 177
Uprocking BeatsArchived2022-06-21-1481410Rise Fighters vol. 177


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Rise Fighters vol. 112Archived2019-10-1806-14110
Rise Fighters vol. 111Archived2019-10-0306-30310
Rise Fighters vol. 110Archived2019-09-2106-27212
Rise Fighters vol. 109Archived2019-09-0406-18213
Rise Fighters vol. 108Archived2019-08-2106-24310
Rise Fighters vol. 107Archived2019-08-1506-18210
Rise Fighters vol. 106Archived2019-07-2206-28314
Rise Fighters vol. 105Archived2019-07-0706-24314
Rise Fighters vol. 104Archived2019-06-2206-20710
Rise Fighters vol. 103Archived2019-06-0706-21111
Rise Fighters vol. 102Archived2019-05-2306-24215
Rise Fighters vol. 101Archived2019-05-0806-24515
Rise Fighters vol. 100Archived2019-04-2306-19312
Rise Fighters vol. 99Archived2019-04-0806-32510
Rise Fighters vol. 98Archived2019-03-2706-17210
Rise Fighters vol. 97Archived2019-03-0606-28313
Rise Fighters vol. 96Archived2019-02-1706-20213
Rise Fighters vol. 95Archived2019-02-0206-16612
Rise Fighters vol. 94Archived2019-01-1806-21311
Rise Fighters vol. 93Archived2019-01-0306-15212