Band: Small band

Music style
Orchestral - Big Band (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
1 051 047
Last rating
1 067 691
Highest rating
1 104 610
129 000
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Sales today
65 922
Sales yesterday
72 778
Sales most
187 928
Sales total
220 429 393

Band members

Carla MonahanFemale40y 2m€3 164 p/tDrummer (100)
Delmar KearneyMale46y 3m€3 066 p/tWind (Other) (100)
Lolita LyonsFemale45y 5m€3 091 p/tSaxophone (100)
Norma BrowneFemale42y 1m€3 148 p/tPiano (100)
Veleda OrtizFemale42y 7m€3 387 p/tTraditional Dance (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
(You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural WomanCharting2024-02-15112104311Small band vol. 118
AnnouncementsArchived2024-02-08-148215Small band vol. 118
Diamonds And GunsArchived2024-02-02-139116Small band vol. 118
Express YourselfArchived2024-01-23-160215Small band vol. 118
One Moment Of AtentionArchived2024-01-06-136314Small band vol. 117
This MasqueradeArchived2023-12-30-151113Small band vol. 117
Get In LineArchived2023-12-18-135215Small band vol. 116
Changed The LocksArchived2023-12-12-115115Small band vol. 116
She’s StrangeArchived2023-12-05-120315Small band vol. 116
Going UndergroundArchived2023-11-25-123314Small band vol. 116
The MillionaireArchived2023-11-19-121214Small band vol. 116
Everyone, KnowsArchived2023-11-04-164315Small band vol. 115
Immigrant SongArchived2023-10-28-147215Small band vol. 115
In Too DeepArchived2023-10-22-128213Small band vol. 115
Flat BeatArchived2023-10-13-142215Small band vol. 115
San QuentinArchived2023-10-07-115213Small band vol. 115
Free BirdArchived2023-09-23-135215Small band vol. 114
They Reminisce Over YouArchived2023-09-16-131215Small band vol. 114
The SwanArchived2023-09-10-162216Small band vol. 114
Pushing Too HardArchived2023-09-02-145315Small band vol. 114


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Small band vol. 118Charting2024-02-23243223
Small band vol. 117Archived2024-01-1742-29114
Small band vol. 116Archived2023-12-2415-30216
Small band vol. 115Archived2023-11-1215-28216
Small band vol. 114Archived2023-09-3024-34115
Small band vol. 113Archived2023-08-2715-30215
Small band vol. 112Archived2023-07-1924-28415
Small band vol. 111Archived2023-06-1442-20212
Small band vol. 110Archived2023-05-2215-13213
Small band vol. 109Archived2023-04-1342-32312
Small band vol. 108Archived2023-03-2033-25215
Small band vol. 107Archived2023-02-2142-24415
Small band vol. 106Archived2023-01-2624-24215
Small band vol. 105Archived2022-12-2124-16210
Small band vol. 104Archived2022-11-2024-27316
Small band vol. 103Archived2022-10-1624-30212
Small band vol. 102Archived2022-09-1224-30116
Small band vol. 101Archived2022-08-0815-38214
Small band vol. 100Archived2022-06-2724-45415
Small band vol. 99Archived2022-05-2515-29113