Band "Small band"

Music style
Orchestral - Big Band (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
973 107
Last rating
978 316
Highest rating
978 316
107 939
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Sales today
119 709
Sales yesterday
137 139
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168 531
Sales total
165 211 578

Band members

Carla MonahanFemale40y 2m€3 164 p/tDrummer (100)
Delmar KearneyMale46y 3m€3 066 p/tWind (Other) (100)
Lolita LyonsFemale45y 5m€3 091 p/tSaxophone (100)
Norma BrowneFemale42y 1m€3 148 p/tPiano (100)
Veleda OrtizFemale42y 7m€3 387 p/tTraditional Dance (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Run AwayCharting2022-07-045332
Prison BreakCharting2022-06-21140138115Small band vol. 100
I Wanna Be Your DreamArchived2022-06-15-132115Small band vol. 100
“Heroes”Archived2022-06-08-126115Small band vol. 100
SuspicionArchived2022-06-01-143115Small band vol. 100
I Don't CareArchived2022-05-21-164114Small band vol. 99
Jealous GuyArchived2022-05-14-139114Small band vol. 99
We’ve Got To Get Out Of This PlaceArchived2022-05-07-141215Small band vol. 99
BrusselsArchived2022-05-01-174215Small band vol. 99
One Day In Your LifeArchived2022-04-23-146213Small band vol. 99
Whoomp! (There It Is)Archived2022-04-11-174116Small band vol. 98
Before the FallArchived2022-04-02-127313Small band vol. 98
Somethen’ ElseArchived2022-03-26-187215Small band vol. 98
You're No GoodArchived2022-03-10-152315Small band vol. 97
Cuppy CakesArchived2022-03-01-183115Small band vol. 97
Lonely TeardropsArchived2022-02-18-95114Small band vol. 96
Won’t Get Fooled AgainArchived2022-02-09-147215Small band vol. 96
VansArchived2022-02-02-112214Small band vol. 96
The Unknown GirlArchived2022-01-24-185115Small band vol. 96
Tennis CourtArchived2022-01-18-119114Small band vol. 96


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Small band vol. 100Charting2022-06-2724191649
Small band vol. 99Archived2022-05-2515-29113
Small band vol. 98Archived2022-04-1733-23315
Small band vol. 97Archived2022-03-1842-48313
Small band vol. 96Archived2022-02-2215-48214
Small band vol. 95Archived2022-01-1233-41416
Small band vol. 94Archived2021-12-1242-35312
Small band vol. 93Archived2021-11-2042-46515
Small band vol. 92Archived2021-10-3015-36215
Small band vol. 91Archived2021-09-2142-53414
Small band vol. 90Archived2021-08-3024-34216
Small band vol. 89Archived2021-07-2642-36215
Small band vol. 88Archived2021-07-0315-68214
Small band vol. 87Archived2021-05-2415-33213
Small band vol. 86Archived2021-04-0915-66216
Small band vol. 85Archived2021-03-0124-28315
Small band vol. 84Archived2021-01-2633-32214
Small band vol. 83Archived2020-12-2924-28115
Small band vol. 82Archived2020-11-2224-46215
Small band vol. 81Archived2020-10-1524-24115