Band "Small band"

Music style
Orchestral - Big Band (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
865 826
Last rating
843 368
Highest rating
867 076
90 827
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Sales today
40 232
Sales yesterday
47 163
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145 547
Sales total
125 736 962

Band members

Carla MonahanFemale40y 2m€3 164 p/tDrummer (100)
Delmar KearneyMale46y 3m€3 066 p/tWind (Other) (100)
Lolita LyonsFemale45y 5m€3 091 p/tSaxophone (100)
Norma BrowneFemale42y 1m€3 148 p/tPiano (100)
Veleda OrtizFemale42y 7m€3 387 p/tTraditional Dance (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
The Boy With The Arab StrapWritten----
Just A LittleCharting2021-02-2114599213Small band vol. 85
Come Away With MeArchived2021-02-15-152116Small band vol. 85
The Good Ol' TimesArchived2021-02-08-129115Small band vol. 85
Someone Like YouArchived2021-02-01-181115Small band vol. 85
Social LivingArchived2021-01-19-127115Small band vol. 84
Boy Meets GirlArchived2021-01-11-155216Small band vol. 84
Young Gifted And BlueArchived2021-01-04-224115Small band vol. 84
Victim of Our DreamsArchived2020-12-21-98215Small band vol. 83
Following The SignsArchived2020-12-15-101215Small band vol. 83
Love on TopArchived2020-12-08-100115Small band vol. 83
MineArchived2020-11-29-140115Small band vol. 83
Everybody In LoveArchived2020-11-16-94214Small band vol. 82
I Know Her So WellArchived2020-11-06-104115Small band vol. 82
Re-MasteredArchived2020-10-30-131115Small band vol. 82
Changed The LocksArchived2020-10-21-130216Small band vol. 82
Everybody’s Talkin’Archived2020-10-09-117215Small band vol. 81
LookArchived2020-09-30-135116Small band vol. 81
Our Finest CollectionArchived2020-09-23-102115Small band vol. 81
ShadowsArchived2020-09-17-136116Small band vol. 81


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Small band vol. 85Charting2021-03-01248835
Small band vol. 84Archived2021-01-2633-32214
Small band vol. 83Archived2020-12-2924-28115
Small band vol. 82Archived2020-11-2224-46215
Small band vol. 81Archived2020-10-1524-24115
Small band vol. 80Archived2020-09-0915-43615
Small band vol. 79Archived2020-07-3124-27115
Small band vol. 78Archived2020-06-2633-29411
Small band vol. 77Archived2020-05-2815-34216
Small band vol. 76Archived2020-04-1542-27415
Small band vol. 75Archived2020-03-2533-29317
Small band vol. 74Archived2020-02-2815-24214
Small band vol. 73Archived2020-01-1633-26713
Small band vol. 72Archived2019-12-1924-28114
Small band vol. 71Archived2019-11-1224-24216
Small band vol. 70Archived2019-10-0515-53218
Small band vol. 69Archived2019-08-2133-31116
Small band vol. 68Archived2019-07-2124-26115
Small band vol. 67Archived2019-06-1615-28116
Small band vol. 66Archived2019-05-0733-22316