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This is the list of most commonly asked questions with answers. If you didn't find your question or answer was not good enough, you can always ask it in forum or through contact form, that you can find in the menu below.

How to create a new band?

Go to Create a new band page, fill out all the necessary information and click Create.

How to hire new musicians to the band?

Go to Manage your band page. There you will find information what is required for the band to be fully formed. For a faster hiring process, select free members filter "Unfilled required". This way you will see only those musicians to hire, that will fulfill musical skill requirement for your band. On the same page you will be able to fire members from the band.

How to move musicians between bands?

Go to Manage your band page, you will find band members table. Here is link to move musician to Backstage. Backstage is a place where you can put musicians by removing them temporarily from the band. After you have moved musician to the backstage, change currently selected managing band, and you will be able move musician from backstage to newly selected band.

How to create a new song?

Go to Instruct your band page, you will find 'Writing' instruction type. Select duration for this instruction and click Write.

How to record a song or an album?

Go to Record a single page or Record an album page, you will be able to record song or album, respectively. Recording a single you have an option to change it's name. Recording an album will demand a bit more work, because you will have to select what singles to include, how many album songs to record, and how to name the album.

How to release a song or an album?

Go to Release page, you will find list of songs and albums, that you can release. Keep in mind, that this is the last time you can change name for song or album, before it will become permanent.

How to improve band's performance?

You have several options. First, and most important step, is to hire better musicians in Manage your band page. This will cost a bit more money. Another option is to instruct your band to practice in Instruct your band page. If those options are used, you can try to upgrade studio or buy some items from shop.

How to get some money?

If you are sort on money, you try to go to Bank. There you will be able to borrow some money up to a limit, that depends on your manager rating. Other options is to instruct your band to gig in Instruct your band page.

How to start over the game?

If you hit the wall and don't know how to progress further in the game, then you can try to bankrupt in Go bankrupt page. But please read carefully the conditions, that you have to satisfy, and what outcome will be if you go this way.